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Expect More

The year 2015 on the level of migration and refugee flows has shown to whole Europe where the limits of policies, methodologies, stragies and approaches are to be found.

Existing strategies about migration (legal and illegal) as well as integration policies together with funding, priorities etc. have all become outdated and absurd. From the about 60 million of people are displaced and on the move, fleeing from prosecution and life danger, more than 1 million of people chose their route towards Europe providing a totally unexpected challenge for a number of Europea member states mainy along the so called West Balkan Route (Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Denmark and Sweden) but also others which they all have not expected before.

The experiences made in the last months with labour market integration in the partner countries with refugee or asylum seeker background show very clearly that:

  • There is simply not enough experience available on the level of concepts, methods, approaches, points and areas of action also based on a legal situation of asylum seekers in the member countries which is actually not anymore adapted to the current situation.
  • Integration approaches must also be differentiated and adapted to the cultural and country background of asylum seeker and refugees. Unified approaches are not working out well.
  • Available approaches of assessment of competences, VET training programmes, guidance and councelling also for work place integration do hardly show appropriate effects and still take advantage from the fact that the large majority of asylum seekers have still not been awarded international protection status and therefore full and open access to the European labour markets, this situation will change rapidly and dramatically during 2016 and 2017!
  • There is a huge need to exchange approaches of good practices from prior initiatives, mutually evaluate approaches for guidance, counselling and also VET training programmes related to the challenges of labour market integration of refugees in Europe.

On the other there is of course a big variety of knowledge, experiences and approaches available in the field of VET counselling, guidance, C-VET programmes and labour market integration all over Europe. Member states and their concerned organisations have developed a broad set of methods and approaches over the last years (in front of former challenges, target groups etc.) which can be taken as a basis for evaluation, analysis, adaptation and transfer to the new frame conditions and circumstances. Also the European Commission provides a platform for exchange and sharing knowledge ( which can be taken as a basis of analysis and exchange of good practices.

However, one must clearly state that all approaches presented and discussed so far on platforms, networks etc. need a re-evaluation and adaptation in front of a situation that is fundamentally different to the one before September 2015. The partners of the EXPECT-MORE project are aiming to share their experiences, mutually evaluate approaches available throughout Europe against the challenges of the recent past and near future and exchange successful approaches for

a) guidance and counselling

b) C-VET programmes

c) labour market integration and work place based learning
for refugees under international protection in one of the European member states.

Main topics

  • Integration of refugees
  • Overcoming skills mismatches (basic/transversal)
  • Recognition, transparency, certification


The EXPECT-MORE project is going to develop a set of 5 main results  which are all contributing to the four main objectives stipulated for the project which are:

  1. Exchange of practices, evaluation and transfer of good practices related to guidance and counselling approaches for refugees and migrants in Europe
  2. Exchange of practices, evaluation and transfer of good practices related to C-VET programmes and didactics in C-VET for refugees and migrants in Europe
  3. Exchange of practices, evaluation and transfer of good practices related to labour market integration and work experience programmes for regugees and migrants in Europe
  4. Supporting the challenges of C-VET and labour market integration of refugees and migrants in the European members states by creating a forum for experience and good practice exchange

web: Expect More

partners: (Chorvátsko), (Maďarsko), (Nemecko), (Taliansko), (Slovensko), (Slovinsko), European neighbours (Rakúslo)