13. 06. 2019

We Have Selected the Best Examples of Good Practice in the Area of Integration of Migrants in Slovakia!

As part of the European Expect More project, we had the opportunity to learn about examples of good practice in the area of ​​integration of migrants in Slovakia, to provide inspiration and new ideas for working in the field of social inclusion!

In the forthcoming Final Collection of Best Practice Examples on the integration of migrants, we chose the “Who Will Help?” initiative, Human Rights League’s project “Let’s Give Chance to Refugees” and “WASCO: Laundry Service that Helps”, a practice of the Young Roma Association.


Thanks to all who have worked with us on the project and provided invaluable support and information about their work!


Thank you and all the best:  Vagus (project Dobre dobre), Zdravé regióny (project Healthy communities), Pasell SlovakiaCafé RadničkaInternational Organization for Migration (IOM) in SlovakiaMarginalZMOSCVEK