The Association for Culture, Education and Communication (ACEC) is a non-governmental organisation, the aims of which are to create understanding, support international cultural exchanges, deepen education and create space for the further continuation of mutual communication.

Our projects are focused on current happenings in society and elaborate, secure and improve communication in Slovakia, in international contexts, and in areas and regions deemed risky from the international perspective.

ACEC, via its projects, has always applied new, non-traditional forms of communication in its projects – and since 1999 has implemented numerous projects deemed unique from the international point of view; in New York, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Warsaw, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Minsk etc. The non-traditional approach has – via means of culture and education – enabled the creation of new communication networks applied in national and international contexts. The association’s projects assist in the deepening of existing relationships as well as in the creation of new mutual ones.

As a part of its educational activities, ACEC focuses on the preparation and implementation of educational programs and communication strategies for socially challenged groups (education training and tutorial programs and projects focused on the Roma minority in Slovakia).