Let’s Give Chance to Refugees!

Human Rights League launched a good quality e-learning program called “Let’s Give Refugees a Chance” on their web site.

The e-course mainly focuses on explaining the basic terminology, facts and different information related to refugees e.g.: Numbers and facts, Who is considered to be a refugee and who is not, Refugee persecution and its reasons, Rights and responsibilities of refugees, Local refugee integration, Information on and explanation of Common European Asylum System.

The project focuses on raising awareness on the current Slovak refugee and asylum situation, brings objective facts to the public discourse and aims to sensitise people to refugee issues using the associated videos with real-life refugees integrating within the Slovak society. The e-course and the associated videos are available online, free of charge and they are intended to help educators, teachers and those in need of some basic information on refugees and migrants for their workshops. They also show real refugees living in Slovakia and combat stereotypes and xenophobia.

The E-course comes up with objective refugee facts, refugee integration and asylum procedures in Slovakia and raises awareness on the blank space in this matter in the Slovak public discourse. The videos of refugees living in Slovakia are available online to help people fight prejudice and stereotypes towards refugees. The whole course provides anyone looking for basic information on refugees with some good quality and easily accessible background material in Slovak language. The videos can also be viewed as a tool to be used within several discussions and workshops. The videos also solve the problem of the inability of the small number of refugees in Slovakia to combine their professional life with their attendance at workshops, schools and courses regularly. The videos can be used by teachers at school or by lecturers at workshops.

We can boldly say the videos have a national impact as they are free of charge and easily accessible to anyone in need of information on migration and refugees in Slovakia.

The e-course and videos are designed to be used without any other materials or guidance.

This is also the first time one can see a comprehensive online material on refugees in Slovak language ever. There were no videos with real refugees living in Slovakia available before.