20. 08. 2019

Final Collection of Best Practice Examples on the Integration of Migrants

Europe faces challenges related to the growth of migrants and refugees and their admission and integration into the labor market.

As a part of the international EXPECT MORE project, we had the opportunity to share the experiences of our countries with the partners and to mutually assess the approaches and examples of good practice in the field of VET counseling, guidance, C-VET programs and labour market integration and workplace education.

The main output of the project is a collection of confirmed good practice measures. Final Collection of Best Practice Examples on the integration of migrants provides useful approaches, methodologies, tools, ideas for organizations that deliver social work services by integrating migrants, asylum seeker refugees across Europe. Based on a detailed analysis and subsequent comparison within the partnership, the good practice examples can be transferred easily to other countries and may contain useful contacts and links. The best practice examples from the partner countries can make an appropriate contribution to addressing the challenges of integrating refugees and migrants into the labor market in Europe.