26. 06. 2013

Training of assistants and coordinators of health edification

During 21.6. – 26.6.2013, first training of assistants and coordinators of health edification was held. The office of plenipotentiary for Roma communities in Slovakia selected, on the basis of competition, first 34 assistents and 4 coordinators, who will work in Roma settlements. Selected participants attended special education by an accredited training program MŠVVaŠ SR Assistens of health edification in Roma communities, which was led by tutors and lecturers from ACEC team and external coworkers.
Participants in two groups passed first of the three training courses, where they were informed about work and mission of health edification assistants and coordinators in Roma settlements, about basic idea of project Healthy communities and also about short-term and long-term visions of this program. Participants acquired information and examples for practical work of assistant in the field, basic communication skills needed for contact with members of community, mayors, doctors, staff of medical facilities and cooperating institutions, foundations of human biology and epidemiology of diseases and basics of specialized social counseling in medical care. They practiced acquired skills in interactive exercises and role plays in model situations. Part of the training was devoted to the topic of assertive behavior and its practical application. From a practical point of view, the most interesting was first aid course led by the staff of National Emergency Center.