08. 12. 2021

The winners of the 13th annual Roma Spirit Award are here!

Organisation, which supports solely family-based models of care for abandoned children. Town, that inspires coexistence of three ethnicities. Successful sports talent, who fights in ring as well as in life. Company, which has diversity in its DNA. Design aesthetics brought to a plate. Over twenty years of editorial work from a minority perspective. A unique dictionary, the only one of its kind in the world. This is how we could describe the winners of Roma Spirit 2021!

Roma Spirit 2021 were awarded to the non-profit organisation Návrat, Bratislava, the town of Fiľakovo, boxer Viliam Tankó, company PASELL SLOVAKIA llc., editor Jozef Šivák and fashion designer Pavol Berky. The winners were chosen by an international Expert Jury.

The Act of the Year Jury awarded the prize to the elaborate Romany-Slovak phraseological dictionary compiled and created by Martina Horňáková. “We appreciate, that Martina Horňáková has thought of the Romany language and has created a dictionary, which had not yet existed, “commented the head of the Act of the Year Jury Oli Džupinková on the jury’s behalf. “Romany language is endangered and is often overlooked. We regard Martina Horňáková’s dictionary as a book of the future and hopefully it will be available in as many schools and cultural institutions as possible. To stop us from omitting the Romany language,” she added.

The 13th year of the awards introduced a new format of the Roma Spirit award ceremony programme. The awards were handed over during unexpected surprise visits, which resulted in unique experiences and emotions of the winners. The ceremony was hosted by the director of ACEC Magdaléna Rothová and the social inclusion expert Stano Daniel. The programme was narrated by the captivating voice of the actor Juraj Kemka.

“I offer my heartfelt congratulations to all of our finalists for their fantastic and meaningful work. Thank you, you are an inspiration when it comes to dealing with challenges in our society,” said Magdaléna Rothová, director of ACEC. “It has been an unforgettable journey, with a great partner and a team. The opportunity to be there in person when the award was received, to experience the sincere joy and humanity was a priceless reward for the yearlong preparations,” she added.

The television gala evening offered several music premiers. A television debut was made by a selection of songs from the musical Čhaj, as well as the cymbalo ensemble Cimbal súbor Eugena Vizváryho ml. The viewers had an opportunity to see an original performance by the musician and actor Dano Heriban, accompanied by the children choir Ďevjatkakhere čhave, in addition to the exceptional singers Erika Rein and Sima Magušinová. The Roma Spirit 2021 programme in available in the RTVS archive.

About Roma Spirit

Roma Spirit is a public award and highlights stories and activities, which solve challenges faced by the Roma communities and our society as a whole.

There were 130 valid nominations admitted to the Roma Spirit 2021 award.  Twenty-one finalists in seven categories were chosen by the Preparatory Committee. The winners were chosen by international Expert Jury and the Act of the Year Jury, composed of previous winners and finalists.

13th annual Roma Spirit was announced by the Association for Culture, Education and Communication and the Radio and Television of Slovakia. The event was organised under the auspices of the president of the Slovak Republic, Zuzana Čaputová and the Slovak ombudswoman, Mária Patakyová.