21. 12. 2021


Our long-term goal is to contribute to improving health in marginalised communities. Our activities include preventing the spread of infectious diseases, specifically hepatitis C.

Hepatitis, popularly known as jaundice, is a viral disease that causes inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis C is an infectious disease transmitted by blood. It has a relatively short incubation period, a milder course than other types of hepatitis, but more often, in up to 80 percent, it progresses to the chronic form of the disease. Hepatitis C accounts for up to 70 percent of chronic hepatitis, 40 percent of cirrhosis, end-stage liver disease or 60 percent of liver cancer.

Our intention is to help prevent, early diagnose, and treat hepatitis C in selected marginalised communities where residents have difficult access to information and medical care.

A pilot project was represented by the activities at the Luník 9, housing estate in Košice. Field activities were carried out by five volunteers – health education assistants, who completed almost 30 hours of vocational education and training. Their task was to prepare for raising awareness about the prevention of potentially risky behaviour associated with the transmission of infectious diseases, assistance in early diagnosis, testing and treatment of diseases.

During four months in the field, from July to October 2021, trained volunteers provided information and counselling to 1,772 clients and performed more than 150 medical interventions. Together, they dedicated almost 900 hours of volunteering to health education. During the screenings, 63 people assisted in the testing and currently, three clients are undergoing treatment.

Despite the official termination of the pilot project activities, we continue our activities. Volunteer, Mrs. Katarína, currently works at Luník 9, and she remains in touch with people who have decided to undergo treatment and she also continues to provide the necessary information and counselling.