07. 12. 2021

Roma Spirit Award broadcasts already on Wednesday, 8 December!

Roma Spirit 2021, an evening of pleasant entertainment, music premiers and inspirational people, will broadcast already on 8 December at 8PM, on the second RTVS channel, Dvojka. The Gala of the awards will also be accessible online. Who of the twenty-one finalists of the 13th annual awards will claim an award in the end?

Viewers can look forward to television premiers and music performances by the cymbalo ensemble Cimbal súbor Eugena Vizváryho ml., the children choir Ďevjatkakere čhave, extracts from an original Roma musical Čhaj, the actor and musician Dano Heriban, as well as performances by singers Erika Rein and Sima Magušinová.

The programme will be hosted by the director of ACEC and Roma Spirit producer Magdaléna Rothová and a social inclusion expert Stano Daniel. “I believe, that apart from having fun, the viewer will be inspired,” Stano Daniel said. “When we allow ourselves to see the good and the goodwill to solve issues around us, we will all live a slightly better life”, he added.  The director of the Gala is Lukáš Zednikovič and the music dramaturg is Slavo Solovic.

Roma Spirit is a public award and highlights stories and activities, which solves challenges faced by the Roma communities and our society as a whole. The winners of the 13th annual Roma Spirit award were chosen by an international Expert Jury and the Act of the Year Jury from 21 finalists.

The Expert Jury includes the film director and screenwriter Sahraa Karimi, the lawyer, deputy in the Congress of Deputies in Spain and President of the Fundación Secretariado Gitano Sara Giménez, the Ambassador of Ireland to Slovakia H.E. Dermot MCGauran, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Slovakia H.E. Gabriella Sancisi, and the activist and politician from North Macedonia Tefik Mahmut.

The Act of the Year Jury was composed of previous winners and finalists and consisted of the social worker Erika Kušická, the director of a private music and drama conservatory in Rimavská Sobota Gabriela Radičová, the founder of the civic association OZ-DAKUJEME “PALIKERAV” Renáta Pankievičová, the singer Richard Šarközi, the mayor of the Pašková municipality Roman Viola and the head juror Oli Džupinková, Radio Expres news presenter.