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Together For Better Health

Together for Better Health is an innovative international project. Its main objective is to improve the health of Roma settlements’ inhabitants in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

The project has been running since April 2012 in segregated settlements in eastern Slovakia. 39 Healthcare Assistants and 3 Coordinators operate under the project. Project activities have a direct positive impact on more than 31 000 inhabitants of the village in which the project takes place. Regular and systematic work of Healthcare Assistants in this environment aims to raise awareness about prevention and care options in the Roma community. Assistants attend ACEC accredited training courses with nationwide validity (Accreditation of Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic 2004, 2007.)

Cooperation, mutual support, the exchange of experience and suggestions for improvements between partners from different countries are important parts in helping to keep the project heading towards the same aim. We intensively collaborate with NGO partners from Bulgaria (National Health Mediators Network), Hungary (Partners Hungary Foundation) and Romania (Ovidiu RO) to accelerate the acquisition of new skills. This collaboration is critical to improving the health of socially isolated and excluded Roma communities, especially their children. Project includes as well the largest urban ghetto in Slovakia – the Košice neighborhood of Lunik IX.