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1997, 2002 / Culture

How far

Project How Far took place between 1997 – 2002 and its focus were the current tendencies in the field of clothing design in Slovakia and the relation between body – clothes – object.

Internationally known clothes and visual artists, many of whom work with paper, participated in creating unique clothing objects. Paper can be excellently shaped and creates monumentality that the artists were able to use creatively. As a result, clothes were created as finished works, both respecting and disregarding the laws applied to tectonics as we know them. The creative works, in spite of their experimental nature, had used of classic textile techniques transformed into new creative expression.

Project How Far resulted in fashion shows that took part in BratislavaRužomberok, Pezinok and Warsaw all under the same brand. They were an original play and an unforgettable experiencewith unique choreography and models, visual play of music, light, motion and colors.

Project How Far has provided the answer to the question: How far can we creatively move the search for new trends in fashion design and changing relationship between clothing and design?

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