23. 05. 2013

Conference „High level event“ on issue of Roma integration

The European commision, in cooperation with the Office of plenipotentiary for Roma communities in Slovakia organized High Level Event on 22. – 23.5. 2013 in KošiceContinuation of High level event on the contribution of the structural funds of the European union for the integration of Roma people in Slovakia. First day was dedicated to monitoring the situation in field, second day was reserved for the conference.

The main objective of the event was to review progress in the use of EU structural funds, pass on good practice, but also to give improvement proposals to be applied to the integration of Roma communities in the new programming period of EU structural funds for 2014 – 2020.

Conference was opened by forewords from representatives of Ministry of interior, European commision and Peter Pollák – Plenipotentiary for Roma communities in Slovakia. Program continued with a plenary meeting of representatives of the Office of the Plenipotentiary for Roma communities, OSI Budapest and UNDP about progress of implementation of Local strategy for complex approach, evaluation of complex approach in Slovakia and about European social fund in relation to Roma people.

In the afternoon, parallel panel discussions were held on the topics of housing and health, education, employment and strenghtening of cooperation and administrative capacities.

President of the Association for culture, education and communication Ľubomíra Slušná – Franz actively participated in workgroup focused on basic infrastructure, housing and health, where she referred about project Healthy communities, about education and work of medical assistants in the field, as well as about financing this project in past and present. At the end, she mentioned the nationwide program Healthy communities, realized by Platform for supporting health of disadvantaged groups under auspices of the Office of plenipotentiary for Roma communities in Slovakia. ACEC is founding member of this platform, bringing together governmental and non-governmental institutions whose agenda is to improve the health of Roma in excluded localities. Presentation was well received among the conference participants as well as among representatives of European commision and encouraged interesting discussion about possibilities and examples of good practice.