18. 03. 2017

The Roma Spirit 2016 winners

Bratislava, November 27th – For the 8th time, Roma Spirit Award united people whose hearts beat at the same rate regardless of ethnicity, religion or social status. Roma Spirit awarded those who, with no prejudices, contribute to a better world. Part of the evening was a strong Auschwizate – wailing melody, composed by a Roma musician in Auschwitz, and was sang by Jana Sendreiová and Jana Kirschner.

The winners were selected from 21 final nominations by international expert jury consisting of Jana Horváthová (Museum of Romany Culture in Brno), Soraya Post (European Parliament), Nadir Redzepi (Roma Education Fund), Barbara Illková (MZVaEZ SR), Jarmila Lajčáková (CVEK).

For the first time ever, the award in the category of Culture was given. The prize went to Miloš Rác for his artistic paintings, drawings and sculptures of Roma community life, which are an authentic depiction of the past and present life of the Roma.

Roma Spirit Award 2016 in the category of NGO went to Community Center of minorities from Veľký Krtíš. The jury awarded their activities related to managing and improving the quality of housing for socially marginalized citizens by engaging caretakers from the residents of the apartment buildings.

In the category of Media the award went to the association People Against Racism for their campaign “Stop spreading hatred on the Internet“- online media activities rejecting hateful attitudes towards minorities and the Roma, and pointing out the dangers of radicalization and extremism in the society.

In the category of Personality the award went to a pedagogue: Eva Gašparová. The jury awarded her life’s work and activities on the development of the Roma language and education in the Roma language in Slovakia.

In the category of Municipality the village Hlinné was awarded for the implementation of projects improving the housing conditions, education, and health. For a long time they have been elevating the social status of Roma community and supported social inclusion.

In the category of Company, organization and employer the award Roma Spirit 2016 went to the private grammar school of Zefyrín Jimenez Malla from Kremnica, for creating conditions for inclusive approach of education and training by applying the principle of growing pride in the Roma nationality.

The jury for the Act of the Year composed by Ivan Antal (Express), Gitana, Klára Orgovánová (Roma Institute) and Ján Hero (ÚSVSRRK) has decided to honour Marcel Šaňa the mayor of Lunik IX, for commitment and coordination of the solidarity and emergency activities as well as assistance to the affected families in fires in Lunik XI, in Mašličkovo settlement.

Enunciators of the 8th Roma Spirit Award in 2016 are the Association for Culture, Education and Communication (ACEC), RTVS and the Office of the Plenipotentiary for Roma Communities. The ceremony took place on Sunday, November the 27th  in the building of Slovak Radio under the auspices of the President of the Slovak Republic and will be broadcasted by RTVS on the10th of December  at 8 o’clock on channel Two.


The presenters of the evening were Karin Haydu and Dušan Šorty Berky. The viewers could see performances of musical formation Balkansambel, Sabrosa, Thomas Puskailer, SoloQuartet or Magda Izakovičová. Beautiful ladies Celest Buckingham, Betka Ferencová, Danica Jurčová, Sakalová Eva, Erika Kováčová, Zuzana Haas and Gitana presented the fashion collection of the Secondary Vocational School in Kežmarok. The high-light of the evening was the song Auschwizate sang by Jana Sendreiová and for the first time ever in Slovak by Jana Kirschner accompanied by SoloQuartet.