04. 01. 2019

Thank You!


For almost 20 years, the Association for Culture, Education and Communication (ACEC) has been committed to building understanding, promoting the cultural exchange, deepen the education and communication. The road we´ve decided to follow is not always easy. However, it is unique. It opens up mind and hearts. It leads to stages of world cultural centers as well as to settlements, when the only thing that remains is the hope.

We thank all of you who have not been afraid to join us to step on the unexplored territory and open sensitive topics. We sincerely appreciate our partnership because it is based on mutual trust, support and respect.

We would like to thank to the Advisory Committee, your experience and support are our roots. For the enthusiasm, effort and dedication that gives us wings, we would like to thank to the Association team and to a wider circle of our co-workers, experts and enthusiasts.

We are looking forward to new partners with whom we can start the new challenges! We believe that new cooperation will bring us friendship, a strong emotion and a smile that will make the world again a better place for all of us!