11. 10. 2018

Support Roma Spirit 2018 – we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign!

It is extremely important to highlight and evaluate real and successful projects in the area of improving the living conditions of the Roma. We support activities and exceptional personalities, and through the information campaign in the media, we spread tolerance and understanding. Last year’s campaign had a total impact of more than 1.6 million people.

This is thanks in particular to the systematic support of enlightened partners and sponsors. Nine Years of the Roma Spirit took place only thanks to the co-operating partners, the Roma Spirit Preparatory Committee, and the hard and devoted work of the Association team. We are grateful for long-term support of Slovenské elektrárne, Radio Expres, Hurricane, European Commission Representation in Slovakia and many others. Every year, Roma Spirit is being implemented thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.

The budget of the jubilee 10th Roma Spirit 2018 includes a number of items related to the preparation and organization of the Gala Evening. However, not all the necessary costs can be covered from our partners’ contributions.

So we turn to you all! Please support the Gala Evening of Roma Spirit 2018, help us spread the link of tolerance and humanity!

Thank you in advance, we very much appreciate your help and support!

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