21. 11. 2018

Roma Spirit 2018 – Final Nominations!


  1. category – Non-governmental organization

Združenie PRE LEPŠÍ ŽIVOT, Rankovce (Association for Better Life)

Nomination for complex attitude of sustainability in the topic of housing and living, for building of social capital and community life development of Roma people in Rankov and its surroundings.

Partneri pre sociálny rozvoj a pomoc, Prešov (Partners for Social Development and Help)

Nomination for intensive work with youth from insufficiently challenging social environment before and after leave from their foster homes and for the support and leading in their further life.

Centrum Koburgovo, Trnava

Nomination for preventive programs realization and free-time activities focused on social inclusion of children endangered by social exclusion in Trnava and its surroundings.


  1. category – Media

Stanislava Harkotová, Bratislava

Nomination for long-term journalistic work, balanced Roma topic publication and systematic focus on social, environmental and global issues.

Dive Buki, o.z., Košice

Nomination for publishing „Creative Manual for Current Roma Art“, which maps the activities of current Roma arts´ scene.

Katarína Farkašová, Bratislava

Nomination for movie document „Swedes from the settlement“ which specifically describes the destiny, identity and facing the past of three adopted Roma boys.


  1. category – Municipality and City


Nomination for innovative attitude in improvement of the Roma community situation, land settlement and searching for new ways in integration.


Nomination for community revitalization with Roma majority, which helps itself at maintenance and improvement of public spaces.


Nomination for example co-living of three nationalities – Slovak, Roma and Hungarian, and for continual infrastructure development and realization of activities in culture.


  1. category – Society and Employer

TESCO STORES SR, a.s., Bratislava

Nomination for inclusive employee policy, which creates space for support, mentoring and employing of disadvantaged in the work market.

PASELL SLOVAKIA s.r.o., Poprad

Nomination for long-term employing of Roma people, for individual and non-discrimination help, which has a wide impact on the whole community in Poprad and its surrounding.

Kovotvar, Kúty

Nomination for equal attitude in employing without prejudices and for example chance-giving when finding a job at the work market for disadvantaged people.


  1. category – Personality

František Sajko, Fiľakovo

Nomination for mentoring, free-time activities and special sport results in powerlifting with Roma sports club.

Richard Koky, Svit

Nomination for long-term and demanding work in the terrain and its impact on surroundings, which helps to improve the health and life conditions of people of marginalized communities.

Gabriela Radičová, Rimavská Sobota

Nomination for professional pedagogical activities, successful motivation and support of talents of Roma students and her engagement for improvement of Roma people position in society.


  1. category – Culture

Ricco and Klaudia, Bratislava

Nomination for contribution in popular music and its interpretation in Slovak, English, Roma and Hungarian language.

Emília Rigová, Trnava

Nomination for authentic and current visual art and painting, in which she deals with the presence and construction of Roma identity.

Klaudius Kováč, Lučenec

Nomination for long-term piano jazz interpretation and pedagogical activities and connection of Roma heritage with jazz.


  1. category – Act of the year

Adriana Ferencová, Ondavské Matiašovce

Nomination for persistence at arranging of the water well, which provides drinking water for all the people living in the settlement.

Viera Pompová, Spišská Nová Ves

Nomination for braveness and determination to fight in the court for justice at race discrimination in employment.

Bartolomej Horváth, Ličartovce

Nomination in memoriam for braveness during ČSSR occupation in 1968, in which at facing the army got harmed and succumbed to the wounds.