23. 04. 2018

The non-governmental sector in the report on Roma integration activities highlighted success in several locations.

The monitoring report on implementation of measures of the National Roma Integration Strategy in Slovakia is published by 6 non-governmental organizations.


The report, prepared for the European Commission notes that in spite of the overall slow progress and inability of Slovakia to efficiently and quickly draw on the existing financial resources from the European Structural Funds, active municipalities and non-governmental organizations working long-term in some localities have achieved tangible success.

However, Jannet Knappeková and Adrian Berky from the community center in Veľký Krtíš add: “The introduction of measures into practice or the use of Eurofunds, however, is only on the willingness of towns and municipalities and the efforts of non-governmental organizations such as ours, which in over 10 years helped thousands of people cut debt, self-help to improve housing, and many to get a job.”



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