Slavo Solovič

Slavo Solovič is a music composer, producer and director and he’s also active in music arrangement. He’s collaborated with multitude of Slovak and Czech musicians (Richard Müller, Kryštof, Zdenka Predná, Iva Fruhlingová etc.) and regularly works with Slovak and Czech theatres (among others with the Slovak National Theatre, Astorka, Hadivadlo Brno, National Theatre Brno, Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra, theatre Arena, Studio L+S, Slovak Chamber Theatre etc.).

He has composed music for films by Ondrej Rudavský and for various television series (Mesto tieňov, Ako som prežil, Kriminálka Anděl) as well as Bratislavafilm, Silence (TV film), Origin of the World (short film) etc. He has worked as a music director for Slovak versions of films by Disney and Pixar. Since 2000, and in tandem with Klimáček, he’s created five operas – Cirostratus (Opera in a Boeing); Hippocampus (2004; finalist of the Genesis Opera Project of the Genesis Foundation in London; a suite from this opera was performed at the Biennale Musica di Venezia in Venice and libretto from the opera was performed as a play at the GUnaGu theatre), Aaron Black, Alice in Hell, Haydn Dines with Mozart (2012).