The winners of the 13th annual Roma Spirit Award are here!


Organisation, which supports solely family-based models of care for abandoned children. Town, that inspires coexistence of three ethnicities…

Roma Spirit Award broadcasts already on Wednesday, 8 December!


Roma Spirit 2021, an evening of pleasant entertainment, music premiers and inspirational people, will broadcast already on 8 December at 8PM, on the second RTVS…

We already know the finalists of the Roma Spirit 2021 award!


For the thirteenth time, the Roma Spirit award brings twenty-one inspiring stories and presents twenty-one final nominations!

Nominations for Roma Spirit 2021 Award are closed!


One hundred and thirty applications were validly accepted for the 13th Roma Spirit Award. After formal review and processing, all received applications…

Only a few days left to submit your nomination for the Roma Spirit Award!


Do you know any inspiring personalities, companies or stories that shatter prejudices and stereotypes, or improve the relations and coexistence of Roma and non-Roma people…

Roma Spirit wanders to Kežmarok


It will be merry at Kežmarok Castle on Friday 16 July! The finalists of Roma Spirit 2020 will meet in person for the first time and receive awards…

Roma Spirit Award enters its 13th year


For the thirteenth time, it is possible to apply for the Roma Spirit Award. The exceptional award will once again bring people together regardless of their ethnicity or nationality, and

H.E. Carl Spielvogel, an ambassador who loved our country


We recently received  sad news from across the ocean. In New York, a renowned person had passed away…

The Roma Spirit 2020 Awards finalists are revealed!


For the twelfth time, the Roma Spirit Awards will publicly highlight and reward personalities, organisations, communities, activities and actions that bring effective and functioning solutions to the challenges of more

The Roma Spirit Award launches its twelfth annual ceremony


“We are looking for people, organisations and projects that actively contribute to improving the situation of Roma communities in Slovakia. Do you know anyone around you (who fits the criteria)?