10. 03. 2022

We have launched a fund-raising campaign for a hospital in Uzhhorod!

Only a few weeks ago, it was virtually unthinkable, that there could ever rage a war next door, at the home of our immediate neighbours. Never-ending queues of refugees at the border, everyday news about dropped bombs and shelling, casualties and no ending of war in sight frankly terrify us. And yet, we are heartened by the unprecedented wave of solidarity and help offered to the refugees as well as war-torn Ukraine itself.

Solidarity, cooperation and humanity are very important to us. As important as direct, specific, tailored aid.  In the context of recent days and activities we’ve decided to start a fund-raising for a hospital in Uzhhorod. The raised finances will secure humanitarian aid for doctors, patients and people in need.

In the past few days, we’ve been in touch with professionals in a hospital in Uzhhorod and thus have up to date information about the materials and aid they need. However, their needs can change on a day-to-day basis, their stockpiles are reducing and the need for humanitarian aid keeps growing. Apart from other things, the most essential are currently painkillers, syringes, sleeping bags, blankets and neck collars.


You can donate directly via darujme.sk. In case you choose to donate via our paypal or through bank transfer, please don’t forget to specify the donation with the note: UA AID.

Thank you – together, with your help, we will be able to secure the lacking medical materials and humanitarian aid and their safe transfer to a hospital in Uzhhorod.

Thank you for your solidarity with people in need. Thank you for helping.