04. 10. 2021

Nominations for Roma Spirit 2021 Award are closed!

One hundred and thirty applications were validly accepted for the 13th Roma Spirit Award. After formal review and processing, all received applications were sent to the seventeen members of the Roma Spirit Preparatory Committee for examination.

Twenty-one outstanding organizations, employers, and personalities from the area of culture, media, municipality, and extraordinary act, that are doing their best to build a better society for all of us, were selected by the Roma Spirit Preparatory Committee. The meeting took place on 16 September 2021.

“Thank you all, who submitted the applications and endorsed their favourites for the award. Thanks to all the stories you sent us, we could see how many kind people and how much good can be found in Slovakia. And this made selecting twenty-one finalists even harder,” said Magdaléna Rothová, ACEC Director and a member of the Preparatory Committee. “We believe that its 13th year will again bring more beautiful and inspiring stories,” she added.

The finalists of the 13th Roma Spirit Award will be announced soon. An International Expert Jury and the Act of the Year Jury will decide who will win the Roma Spirit 2021 Award. On 9 December 2021 – on the eve of the International Human Rights Day – the award ceremony for the Roma Spirit 2021 Award will be broadcasted on RTVS (Radio and Television of Slovakia).

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